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Monday, September 22, 2008

Fun Fun Fun Bingo Anyone?

Good morning to my fellow artists and bloggers, woops noon. HeHe. I have fervently been painting on my submission this morning. I think the hardest part is doing the instructions. I have a giant pad of paper on my paint table which as I go along I write down the instructions. Then after all is said and done I try to decipher them and put them on my computer. I have five items that I am painting. They consists of the more Primitive New England style. I so wish I could share with you. But I can't you'll just have to check out the magazine. Remember to get the February issue in December of Create and Decorate to see my project in that one. It's a fun project and very useful.

Let's play a game. Would you guys be interested in Bingo? Maybe for a PRIZE? How about the prize being something hand painted from me. I'll think of something and post the idea and then we'll play BINGO and whom ever wins gets the item? All whom would like to play send me a comment and I will give it a week and then I'll post a list of words, you pick your words then email me with your list. Then we will commence the Bingo Game! Sound like fun? We play in my ebay group and it's a blast. How about a word jumble for today. No prize just something for funsies to get us in the mood.

1. wsearccor
2. laenolhew
3. tvaehrs
4. lgnosib
5. tsleekno

There's your list have fun....Remember this is just to get us in the mood so come on join the fun.
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