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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's Official I'm a Mimaw!

Ok I'm a little young to be a Mimaw, but life is funny and hands us only what God thinks we can handle. He is a BEAUTIFUL baby boy he was 7 lbs 3.2 oz. His name is Carter Marshal! I am proud of my daughter she handled things way better than most young mothers in labor she is an amazing woman. I am not in any form promoting young girls to get pregnant. It is a hard road to travel and it takes many things away from your life the best thing is to WAIT! But if you ever end up in the situation talk to your parents seek their advice and don't use abortion as an alternative because there are so many women whom can not have children and will love the baby. It is not something to be ashamed of it happens and it happens a lot. If you can't talk to your parents which you should ALWAYS talk to your mom or dad FIRST, talk to someone and not another teen ager an adult. Churches, pastors, nurses at hospitals, someone with compassion. Your baby is a real person not a disease, or sickness, it is a little person with a beating heart and little fingers and toes who deserves a chance at life.
O.k. I went off on a tangent there, don't know where those come from but apparently sometimes they need to be said and if it helps just one person then it has helped someone who needed it. Now let's talk about painting hehehe...
I have about 20 of those little luminaries that I did for Create and Decorate that I am working on....I am so excited I am gonna take them down to The Ole Town Mercantile in Temecula next week...so be on the look out for ghost and punkins....I will post pics of the process so it will help readers to see from beginning to end. Stop in your nearest store and see if they carry Create and Decorate, I know some of the Albertsons carry them. Or call JoAnn fabrics I think they carry them as well. So many neat things to see in that magazine I just love it because it's not just painting. Go get cha one....have a great day and God bless you all and thanks for following and just stopping in to read my blog. Hugs to all!

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