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Psalm 30:5 Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay we have a winner, I had 3 comments...so I decided to give all 3 ladies a gingerbread ornie. Please e-mail me with your address so I can send out your gingerbread. Have a wonderful evening ladies! Thank you so much for your participation and comments!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hello strangers!

Hello to all! Long time no blog...
Sorry I have been away. I was in the process of moving and well now instead of Sunny California I am in the frosty Midwest! AND I LOVE IT! It's cold, it already snowed, and I did a craft fair and it was a success! I am ready to get painting and crafting. The holidays are coming up so I made a ton of Gingerbread ornies, and salt dough ornies. I have pics of the gingerbread that I will be posting. I have pics from beginning to end. I had fun making them.
Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? That is one of my favorite times of the year. I will be making a turkey, homemade cornbread stuffing, sweet candied yams, buttery mashed potatos, potato rolls, punkin pie! Ahhhh I am getting hungry. Well here are some pics of the gingerbread ornies!
Hey how bout a give away! Tell me what your favorite thing is about Thanksgiving or what your thankful for. I am thankful for my dear friends and family. Let me know and how about December 1 I will pick a winner out of the wonderful hat! Good luck start posting.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Thursday evening Ladies and Bloggers!

Well I was sitting here monkeying around and thought I would post something on my blog. Just a couple of more weeks and it is onto the wonderful Midwest. I am so looking forward to this next adventure placed in my path. I love and long for the midwest. I love the green grass in the summer that is soft and delicate under your barefeet. I love the crispness in the air when Fall is creaping in. I love the smell of the fresh cut grass when spring arrives and the blooming flowers. The winter is an welcome sight for snow. I can almost taste the fresh country air now just thinking about it. For some reason I feel that my creativity will be overflowing when we get there. It will be a time to relax and come back to peace of mind. Time is creepin up on me and I wish it would stop creeping and just get here. We found the cutest house with real trees, and real grass. A place for a garden which will flourish with fresh fruits and vegetables, I can almost taste the juicy, seedless watermelon, the canteloupe, and fresh grape tomatoes. Ahh at last freedom from the hustle and bustle of California.
Well I haven't been totaly out of the realm. I have an instructional piece in this months Create & Decorate. Check it out and let me know what you think. I love that magazine because it has so many different avenues of creativity. Makes me want to explore other mediums. Here are some pics of this months project.

Photos Courtesy of Sean O'brien

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time is of the essence....

Hello ladies and bloggers....
I haven't forgotten my blog. I have been running around like a chicken, well you know the rest of the story. I have been traveling to my favorite place in the world twice in the last 6 months. I went home to Ohio to celebrat the graduation of my daughter from highschool, her birthday, and to spend some most need rest and relaxation. Not that much rest and relaxation was among any of us but it was a great time. I went home to Wayne County Ohio (It's not my birth home, but home where my heart lies. It is the most beautiful place I have been so far. Rolling hills and green green grass. With trees that seem to touch the clouds. But enough of what I was doing slacking off. I am getting ready for my next move....and I am so excited. We will be departing Southern California within the upcoming weeks and I am so ready for a new start in the Midwest. More to come from me I assure you. I can devote my time to my art. Yahoo! Well I just wanted to touch base with all and let you know I haven't forgotten you. Have a blessed day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

So much going on...No time to get my blog on...

Hehe! I made a riddle...Just had prom and now we are in the home stretch for graduation...My daughter is graduating on June 17, and I am so proud of her. She has met some challenges but she pushes on and that is what makes me so proud of her. Now after graduation is done we move onto moving on! Yes we are moving again. This time it is to the wonderful Mid-west! I am so excited I can't stand it. I long for a slower pace. Stopping to smell the flowers. Mowing the lawn, ahhh mowing your own lawn. That will be sooooo awesome. Getting to paint more. More room! Oh the list goes on and on and on. There hasn't been much flying out of my paint room this year with all the goings on but in October all that will change. I have plenty of things written down and drawn out as long as they don't get lost in the move we will be on a painting frenzy! More contests, more for sale, more of more. I didn't want my fellow bloggers to think I had forgotten them. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Rusty Thimble is Having a GiveAway!

Well get over there ladies and bloggers and check it out. Too cute primitive bunny! I love it! Here is the link!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Create and Decorate April Issue!

Well I know I don't post much in here...but I would like to change my focus from what I am doing to this because painting is MUCH more fun! Right now I am desperately trying to finish up my Medical Transcription course. I am sooooo close. And then I will put my energy back into painting. Yahoo! With that said I would like to direct your attention to the new issue of Create and Decorate....yes there is something in there that I painted...I will post pics in the side bar so you can see. And no I haven't forgotten that I am going to start doing e-patterns and painting more it's just that sometimes we have to do other things...(not that we like doing them)but they have to be done. I will be moving again here in the next few months so that will slow me down a little bit as well. But I will get to be in this place for 4 years hopefully! It will be in the Mid-west which is awesome and I am so looking forward to the green grass and four seasons! Maybe not all the snow that the Northeast is getting but snow none the less. With that said let me post some pics....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations to.....
Well let me tell you who picked first! My husband was half asleep and I said pick one...and I thought he was gonna knock the whole bucket on the floor...cause he was still sleeping I think. Anyways the winner is....Sharon! Congratulations Sharon I will be emailing you and requesting your address so I can mail off your handpainted picture....

Posting the winner today!

I will be posting the winner today so get ready. I am gonna take all the names down and put them in a hat and pull out the winnder! See ya soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The finished Room! Don't forget to sign up for the GIVE AWAY!

It is done! It isn't some HGTV makeover but I couldn't go buy all kinds of fancy gadgets. At least I know where everything is and I got rid of tons of stuff! Okay not tons but I did get rid of some. Now for what I am going to give away....drum roll please.....Okay check it out below! Keep posting ideas for organizing and remember February 14th I will put you in a hat and let the little guy pull a name out! Good luck ladies! You can sign up on this link or the one below...read all the details below! Come on sign up it's always fun to get a freebie! Share with on your blog,follow me, and post a comment for 3 chances to win.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Organizing Give Away! I have been inspired by other organized crafters and artist!

Just for the record...I am not proud of these photos! Help Me!
I was looking through the blogs and I have looked at a lot so I don't remember which one it was but, I am going to tear my paint/craft/treasure room apart! Yikes I know, but It needs to be organized and it would be so much easier to just go in and grab what I need and sit down and paint. Instead of digging around and finding something else and totally forgetting what I had started out to do in there. Which is what happens when I get on the computer as well. So I am going to go take pictures so you can see just how much stuff is in there that needs painting, but is so discombobulated that I don't know what to grab first. Wish me luck....Please tell me that I am not the only crafter that has an array of "stuff" that is gonna be used at some point. I just can't get rid of it I might need it. You know the saying. Oh I am sure I can use it for something in time....

Don't laugh I know it is a lot of stuff for such a small room...Any suggestions? I know some of you have that super organized gift...share it with me...Who knows what I will find in there maybe something for a GIVE AWAY!!! Yea there is an idea...Hah that's what I will do. Leave me a comment about some good organizing tips and you will be entered in a give away. If you follow my blog I will enter you twice. If you post it on your blog I will enter you 3 times. If you already follow let me know so remind me so I can enter ya again. I don't know yet what it will be but I can come up with something. Supplies? something painted? We will see so start posting your ideas and I will get to work in the over crowded room! Let us just say the give away prize will be listed within the next week...and the winner will be announced February 14th....Happy Valentines Day! SEE PHOTOS BELOW!

Okay I Have Been Inspired...And It Is Going to Stem a GIVEAWAY!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Another wonderful give away!

Okay you have got to check out this blog! It is remnants of the past and it is awesome. She is having a give away and you just have to enter...

Here is the link! www.seasonsofthepast.blogspot.com/2009/12/resolution-giveaway

Happy New Year to all in the blogging world!

Today is a the first day of the New Year, and I am so looking forward to this year. I have a lot of things going on, magazine submissions, new ideas, pattern packets, oh the list goes on and on. My first goal is to finish that schooling. I am so close it is unreal and what a burden to lift. I can not wait. Then I can focus on my painting and all the new ideas rushing in.
So what is the next holiday coming? Ah a time for love and romance. St. Valentines day. One of the patron Saints known as St. Valentine of Valentinus, legends have it that he was a priest in the Roman times of Emperor Claudius II. Claudius had believed that unmarried men made better soulders, so he banned young men from marrying, creating his soldiers. Valentined defied Claudius and continued to marry in secret. Legend has it that this angered Claudius and he had St. Valentine put to death. Other legends say that St. Valentine was imprisoned and sent the first Valentine for a young lady he had fallen in love with. He had signed it Your Valentine, which is still carried on today. What ever legend is true there are many and February is filled with hearts and kisses. So think of something romantic to do for your Valentine. Everyone loves to be loved and this is a time of year to show extra love and romance.
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