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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Organizing Give Away! I have been inspired by other organized crafters and artist!

Just for the record...I am not proud of these photos! Help Me!
I was looking through the blogs and I have looked at a lot so I don't remember which one it was but, I am going to tear my paint/craft/treasure room apart! Yikes I know, but It needs to be organized and it would be so much easier to just go in and grab what I need and sit down and paint. Instead of digging around and finding something else and totally forgetting what I had started out to do in there. Which is what happens when I get on the computer as well. So I am going to go take pictures so you can see just how much stuff is in there that needs painting, but is so discombobulated that I don't know what to grab first. Wish me luck....Please tell me that I am not the only crafter that has an array of "stuff" that is gonna be used at some point. I just can't get rid of it I might need it. You know the saying. Oh I am sure I can use it for something in time....

Don't laugh I know it is a lot of stuff for such a small room...Any suggestions? I know some of you have that super organized gift...share it with me...Who knows what I will find in there maybe something for a GIVE AWAY!!! Yea there is an idea...Hah that's what I will do. Leave me a comment about some good organizing tips and you will be entered in a give away. If you follow my blog I will enter you twice. If you post it on your blog I will enter you 3 times. If you already follow let me know so remind me so I can enter ya again. I don't know yet what it will be but I can come up with something. Supplies? something painted? We will see so start posting your ideas and I will get to work in the over crowded room! Let us just say the give away prize will be listed within the next week...and the winner will be announced February 14th....Happy Valentines Day! SEE PHOTOS BELOW!

Okay I Have Been Inspired...And It Is Going to Stem a GIVEAWAY!

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