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Psalm 30:5 Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well as I have said I was painting gourd eggs this week. I have started on 33 to be exact....Well a couple are not eggs. But that's ok. I have painted on these eggs before but I don't remember it being so hard to be steady as I go with the brush. So with that being said I made a sheeps leg WAY too big, vines went all out of sorts, trees got bigger than I expected and to top it all off they are sliperly little suckers. (Not really slippery but they sure do get away!) One of these fine feathered imposters is going to be a give away! Yes a give away. I have seen this on other blogs and what a neat idea. So here goes. Up for grabs will be the gourd egg pictured above. It is for the gourd egg alone. This is handpainted by me. The rules are leave me a comment with your email address. Then go to your blog and post a link to the give away. If you post a link it gives you double entry... If you don't have a blog please let me know in your comment. Comment posting will last until June 25,2009 at Midnight west coast time. I will throw all the names and emails in a hat and have my daughter draw one out. The winner will be announced June 26, 2009 at 9:00 A.M pacific time...Are you ladies and bloggers ready? Here we go start posting... Let's get posting my fellow bloggers. To leave a comment scroll down and where you see the little pencil click there and post away.

I'm still here!

I am burried in medical transcription reports. I am going to school, blah. My hubby wanted me to go so we would have some certainty...lol whatever that means. So I am drudging along. But I have to say it is quite boring and not fun compared to my painting. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just do the things that we love. I am quite certain we would do so much better at them...Anyways there is still time to sign up for the give away. You can post your comments here or on the post GIVE AWAY. I'll see if I can bump it up so if you missed it you can certainly post your comment for entry. Please either check back to see who wins or leave me some kind of way to contact you. If you have a blog that's easy I'll just post if you won on your comments in your blog, but if you don't have a blog i'll need an email address. Well good luck to you all. I'm going back in the dungeon to do my grewsome labor of transcribing....Just 237 more dictations to do in this section...blah! Have a great day ladies and fellow bloggers in case there is some Mr. bloggers out there...have a fabulous day! Ciao! lol at least i'm in good spirits....
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