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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Venture!

Good morning all you bloggers...
Well I have been a busy little bee...This past Easter weekend, (Thank you Lord for Easter or I would still be burried in sin) Saturday to be exact, I prepared for my garden. This is out first garden here so you can imagine the work we had to do. Removing Sod with a pic ax is no fun. I tell you I was so sore Sunday but I still got Easter dinner ready and Easter eggs. Well the garden is ready to plant after all that work. Now if it would let up on the rain and we could have a super warm day so I can make my rows for my wonderful vegetables and fruits. I will be making some home made salsa once I get my tomatos, peppers and onions up and out of the ground. So who else is planting a garden this year? What is your favorite thing that comes from the garden....I have so many I don't know where to start...But I guess if I had to choose it would be the BIG FAT JUICY TOMATOS! I love them. I will also be planting me some gourds since I cannot find them here in Nebraska..At least not advertised.
Well for my new "Venture" I have a new muse and he has kind of changed my views of painting. I will post a pic of him (also in my garden) so you can see why I have gone in a different direction. I am sure I will revert back to my Prim style painting but I just enjoy painting these cute happy little pictures. As he grows I am sure it will pass. But it sure is fun right now. Have any of you ever ventured off the beaten path? Right now my enjoyment is Jungle Babies, Leapin Ladybugs, Tute little Birdies, Owls, Dinosaurs, Oh the possibilities are endless...for baby nurserys. It's amazing how children change your creative thinking. Well I will post some pics of my new adventures and my new Muse! Have a wonderful day and let's get planting...:) and Painting! You will see him in the last picture in the garden! Love kiddos!

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