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Friday, April 24, 2009

A place to call home for a spell...

Good beautiful morning to all you fellow crafters, gourd hounds, painters, and just the plain curious. I have went on search for a little place to call home for my creations. I have found one. It's set in the town of Temecula in what they call Olde Town Temecula which has got to be one of the coolest things in California. I love that the state of California calls what is the beginnings of a town Old Town! It is reminaiscant of old western towns. I will post pics. Temecula is not the only one, San Diego and others. Its so neat. Anyways I ventured off the subject...hehe. I am taking some of my art work to a store called..."Olde Town Mercantile." Cute name and cute store. It's not small I can say this it is a LARGE store with many unique items from local artisans. They even have the Old Western Pictures there. Where you dress up as a vintage saloon lady, or outlaw, or whatever the case may be. They have antiques, handmades, even old time candy from yesteryear. Such a comfortable enviroment and the ladies are such a delight. Pleasant and very helpful. I felt right at home when I talked to them. I'd been in there many a time just because I like it. Then I decided to ask....nerves sink in fear, of being told NO! Like a little child asking for a permission. That's how I felt but once I got to talking to them they were the nicest people. So check it out. They have a website as well. I'll post a link in the sidebar so you can check it out for yourself. Now let me go find some pics of Old Town so you can see for yourself, the days of yesterday, a simpler time. Oh how I long for simpler times.
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