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Psalm 30:5 Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Thanks!

I just want to say thank you to all whom participated in my give away! It was fun reading the comments and being able to make someone's day. (Daizy Donna :)) I also want to thank all of my followers. You all make my day with wondering in here and seeing what I am doing and looking at my paintings, and my rants...lol my cleaning frenzies. With all that said I am going to be away for a couple of weeks. I haven't been on here lately because I have had company from Ohio. Which I had such a wonderful time while they were here. I'll put up pics of our travels, Disneyland, San Diego Zoo and the trips to the beach. What a great time we had. Just a little taste of Ohio for us and it makes us long for home so much more. Ohio is actually my second home. I was raised in Texas but left when I was 29 to Ohio and I FELL in love with it! So How I long for Ohio. So I will be back in about 2-3 weeks I'll be hiding out in Texas and have no internet....So hang tight my little bloggers I will return shortly. God Bless you all...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dadadadadum!!! And the Winner is!

Well there you have it! Daizy Donna you are officially the winner! Congratulations. I will e-mail you for your address and get your little package sent off...Stay tuned for future give aways ladies and bloggers! Have a great day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Good morning fellow bloggers!

I just scared the living stuffin out of myself....I thought I deleted the post with comments to enter the blog give away...Yikes. But I found it no worries.
Well I have company coming today and I got the house ALL cleaned up. I'm ready. So excited! Family from Ohio which is one of my favoritest places on earth. Such a cozy little place. I lived in Holmes county and Wayne county....Home of the Amish! BEAUTIFUL country living. I can't wait to get back there. I miss the snow and the little villages. I love how they have parades, candle lightings at Christmas, and the PIZZA! Oh how I miss Lem's Pizza in Fredricksburg! I'll have to post some pics on here of the most beautiful place I know of so far. The snow, the barns, the green green grass, the beautiful flowers. I miss my flower beds and my tiny garden of tomatoes and peppers. It's like a slower pace than here in California. Look at that I went off on a tangent from losing the entries to missing home. Well have a great day I gotta get to the grocery store so we can have some eats! Have a Blessed and wonderful day!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well as I have said I was painting gourd eggs this week. I have started on 33 to be exact....Well a couple are not eggs. But that's ok. I have painted on these eggs before but I don't remember it being so hard to be steady as I go with the brush. So with that being said I made a sheeps leg WAY too big, vines went all out of sorts, trees got bigger than I expected and to top it all off they are sliperly little suckers. (Not really slippery but they sure do get away!) One of these fine feathered imposters is going to be a give away! Yes a give away. I have seen this on other blogs and what a neat idea. So here goes. Up for grabs will be the gourd egg pictured above. It is for the gourd egg alone. This is handpainted by me. The rules are leave me a comment with your email address. Then go to your blog and post a link to the give away. If you post a link it gives you double entry... If you don't have a blog please let me know in your comment. Comment posting will last until June 25,2009 at Midnight west coast time. I will throw all the names and emails in a hat and have my daughter draw one out. The winner will be announced June 26, 2009 at 9:00 A.M pacific time...Are you ladies and bloggers ready? Here we go start posting... Let's get posting my fellow bloggers. To leave a comment scroll down and where you see the little pencil click there and post away.

I'm still here!

I am burried in medical transcription reports. I am going to school, blah. My hubby wanted me to go so we would have some certainty...lol whatever that means. So I am drudging along. But I have to say it is quite boring and not fun compared to my painting. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just do the things that we love. I am quite certain we would do so much better at them...Anyways there is still time to sign up for the give away. You can post your comments here or on the post GIVE AWAY. I'll see if I can bump it up so if you missed it you can certainly post your comment for entry. Please either check back to see who wins or leave me some kind of way to contact you. If you have a blog that's easy I'll just post if you won on your comments in your blog, but if you don't have a blog i'll need an email address. Well good luck to you all. I'm going back in the dungeon to do my grewsome labor of transcribing....Just 237 more dictations to do in this section...blah! Have a great day ladies and fellow bloggers in case there is some Mr. bloggers out there...have a fabulous day! Ciao! lol at least i'm in good spirits....

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just a little morning funny...

So ya see I used vinegar and cleaned all the windows, inside and out..Well you know the windex commercial where the birds fly into the window...hehe My husband was sitting on the "blue recliner" (which I call the throne) and Low and behold the King heard a thump thump on the window got up to see what it was and there's a bird flying all dizzy and drunk..He had flown right into the window. Just so you know the bird is allright. But it was too funny. He said well I guess the windows really are clean. Well have a great day!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive!

Ok so I have gotten out of my rut sorta...I can't paint unless EVERYTHING is clean and organized. Hints the title. So not only am I a nut case like that I have a thing about chemicals. Beings that the skin is the largest organ of the body it only makes sense that we absorb things through our skin. Which leads to another tangent, Vinegar the clean all cure all. I use vinegar for all my illness. So I figured why not clean with it. I won't intoxicate my body with toxins through my hands or feet, and I certainly won't be inhaling them. So I got me out a metal pot and put a cup of vinegar and the rest with water. HOLY COW! Vinegar is amazing. I will take pics of my windows so you can see how clean and streak free they are. I also use one of those microfiber rags. One to wash and one to dry. AMAZING! My chrome on the sink is super shiny and it got all those little cruddies off the sink. I am sure you have heard of the Magic Eraser...Well I use to use it till yesterday when I discovered vinegar! Removes all kinds of stains in the sink. So now (obsessive compulsive) I have moved from the kitchen into the living room and am working my way down to the bedrooms. This could take a week BUT the house will be pickled clean...lol Then I can paint without reserve. So if any of you guys get in a rut whip out some vinegar and be prepared to amaze yourself. You can actually see results and feel some sort of an accomplishment. My husband came home yesterday from work and said "Wow the kitchen looks awesome". That says allot...being the Marine that he is...Mr. Clean...no not cause he's bald either...lol Well ladies don't forget to scroll down and sign up for the give away....Maybe I'll get crazy and throw something in extra, who knows. I'm feeling a little crazy today! Have a wonderful day! Now let me go get those pics...


The window that you see at first is clean...the next one is not...just an example. Look at that faucet shine...Needs some little stars reflecting off of it...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Whimsical Wednesday!

Well I am trying to get motivated....We're have June Gloom here in Southern California and I have to say makes it hard to wanna do anything. The house is a mess, it's gloomy and it seems like it just clutters the mind. We have company coming next week and i'm just lagging along! Blah. I'm sure somewhere in the pages of the computer I will get motivated. I am addicted to looking at all these othere creations that people are making wondering why I can't get motivated. I think I'm just distracted. Does that ever happen to any of you? I was inspired by these little Sock monkeys! Too stinkin cute. I have these ideas floating around in my head but they are something totally different than I normally do. Maybe I should just jump in and quit "monkeying around"! Hehe! I'm thinking about some ideas for babies....Hmmmm wonder where that comes from. I am thinking about some signs for doors, room walls, and bathrooms....not my normal gathering of thoughts. But I think they will be cute. It's just getting the idea out on paper then onto a piece of something....Well wish me luck in my adventures, i'll probably get back on track here soon. I think I'll go do them dishes that keep saying "WASH ME! WASH ME!" I hate it when that happens....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New painting!

I painted a Lazy Susan with a Fall scene. The idea was inspired by Laurie Speltz. I did the back ground in Maple Sugar Tan, and the border with Terra Cotta. It's such a creamy comforting combination of colors. I really enjoyed painting this so I did a Cutting board, a trivet set, and a wall board. I will be posting pics of all of them on here. I hope you enjoy lookin in on my blog. The contest is still on so post your comments so you can get entered in the give away for the Gourd Egg! I am going to be doing another give away after this one for July! Maybe a birdhouse for the 4th of July? Let's see how this give away goes...God Bless and have a great Day!
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