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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive!

Ok so I have gotten out of my rut sorta...I can't paint unless EVERYTHING is clean and organized. Hints the title. So not only am I a nut case like that I have a thing about chemicals. Beings that the skin is the largest organ of the body it only makes sense that we absorb things through our skin. Which leads to another tangent, Vinegar the clean all cure all. I use vinegar for all my illness. So I figured why not clean with it. I won't intoxicate my body with toxins through my hands or feet, and I certainly won't be inhaling them. So I got me out a metal pot and put a cup of vinegar and the rest with water. HOLY COW! Vinegar is amazing. I will take pics of my windows so you can see how clean and streak free they are. I also use one of those microfiber rags. One to wash and one to dry. AMAZING! My chrome on the sink is super shiny and it got all those little cruddies off the sink. I am sure you have heard of the Magic Eraser...Well I use to use it till yesterday when I discovered vinegar! Removes all kinds of stains in the sink. So now (obsessive compulsive) I have moved from the kitchen into the living room and am working my way down to the bedrooms. This could take a week BUT the house will be pickled clean...lol Then I can paint without reserve. So if any of you guys get in a rut whip out some vinegar and be prepared to amaze yourself. You can actually see results and feel some sort of an accomplishment. My husband came home yesterday from work and said "Wow the kitchen looks awesome". That says allot...being the Marine that he is...Mr. Clean...no not cause he's bald either...lol Well ladies don't forget to scroll down and sign up for the give away....Maybe I'll get crazy and throw something in extra, who knows. I'm feeling a little crazy today! Have a wonderful day! Now let me go get those pics...

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Apple Tree Cottage said...

You make me want to grab my vinegar and get busy. Tomorrow is my housecleaning day and I will take your advice and lauch into a vinegar frenzy!!! Can wait to see the results.... Thanks!


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