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Friday, February 26, 2010

Create and Decorate April Issue!

Well I know I don't post much in here...but I would like to change my focus from what I am doing to this because painting is MUCH more fun! Right now I am desperately trying to finish up my Medical Transcription course. I am sooooo close. And then I will put my energy back into painting. Yahoo! With that said I would like to direct your attention to the new issue of Create and Decorate....yes there is something in there that I painted...I will post pics in the side bar so you can see. And no I haven't forgotten that I am going to start doing e-patterns and painting more it's just that sometimes we have to do other things...(not that we like doing them)but they have to be done. I will be moving again here in the next few months so that will slow me down a little bit as well. But I will get to be in this place for 4 years hopefully! It will be in the Mid-west which is awesome and I am so looking forward to the green grass and four seasons! Maybe not all the snow that the Northeast is getting but snow none the less. With that said let me post some pics....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

We have a WINNER!

Congratulations to.....
Well let me tell you who picked first! My husband was half asleep and I said pick one...and I thought he was gonna knock the whole bucket on the floor...cause he was still sleeping I think. Anyways the winner is....Sharon! Congratulations Sharon I will be emailing you and requesting your address so I can mail off your handpainted picture....

Posting the winner today!

I will be posting the winner today so get ready. I am gonna take all the names down and put them in a hat and pull out the winnder! See ya soon!
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