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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Organizing Give Away! I have been inspired by other organized crafters and artist!

Just for the record...I am not proud of these photos! Help Me!
I was looking through the blogs and I have looked at a lot so I don't remember which one it was but, I am going to tear my paint/craft/treasure room apart! Yikes I know, but It needs to be organized and it would be so much easier to just go in and grab what I need and sit down and paint. Instead of digging around and finding something else and totally forgetting what I had started out to do in there. Which is what happens when I get on the computer as well. So I am going to go take pictures so you can see just how much stuff is in there that needs painting, but is so discombobulated that I don't know what to grab first. Wish me luck....Please tell me that I am not the only crafter that has an array of "stuff" that is gonna be used at some point. I just can't get rid of it I might need it. You know the saying. Oh I am sure I can use it for something in time....

Don't laugh I know it is a lot of stuff for such a small room...Any suggestions? I know some of you have that super organized gift...share it with me...Who knows what I will find in there maybe something for a GIVE AWAY!!! Yea there is an idea...Hah that's what I will do. Leave me a comment about some good organizing tips and you will be entered in a give away. If you follow my blog I will enter you twice. If you post it on your blog I will enter you 3 times. If you already follow let me know so remind me so I can enter ya again. I don't know yet what it will be but I can come up with something. Supplies? something painted? We will see so start posting your ideas and I will get to work in the over crowded room! Let us just say the give away prize will be listed within the next week...and the winner will be announced February 14th....Happy Valentines Day! SEE PHOTOS BELOW!


Sandee said...

Your photographs are tame compared to my husbands workshop. You are neat as a pin. I'm telling you the truth.

Have a terrific day. :)

Tina said...

Well, I'll tell ya, I would love to be entered in your giveaway and as far as an organizing tip, (I'm a tip junkie)I have condensed all my supplies into one large cabinet and have handled bins that fit on the shelves for paint (2 0f them) and other things etc. If it doesn't fit in there, it goes. I have to be disciplined or it becomes a mess that overwhelms so on those four shelves in that cupboard is everything I need to paint and I use the insides of the doors to pin up drawings ideas and inspirational stuff. Don't know if this helps you, but for me, this is how I keep things manageable. Good luck with your project of organizing.

~ Joetta said...

Go to http://www.napo.net/ and search the Professional Organizer Directory to find a residential organizer near you. You can hire someone to help you as little or as much as you or your budget/schedule prefer. They could just get you started or help you with the entire project - customizing it to fit your needs.

Libby said...

Hi Linda, just finding your blog and love it! I discovered a lot of organizing ideas and tips on the APJ forum so if you'll look in the Crafting Tips & Tricks section (I think, lol), you should find some really neat ones. Please note some may be mixed in the Primitive Tutorials sections too? Hope that helps ya, hugs, Libby

Raggedy Angel said...

Hello....feel free to bring your blanket and snuggle by my fireplace anytime....in fact I have a roaring fire on this chilly morning.
Thank you for your sweet comments!
I to struggle with organization....most creative people do!

Liz said...

I like to organize my paints by types. I have paint spinners that have plastic cases.In each case section I place enamels, outdoor, fabric and etc. This makes them easier to fine. I use an old file cabinet to store my patterns which are also labeled in categories.

kakihara said...

I love your work!! My organizational tips--I have an old file cabinet, one drawer houses patterns and ideas, I file them by holiday, or theme. One drawer is for paints--I have plastic shoe box's from the dollar store that keep them sorted by type-(this is very important now when I go buy paints I take a quick look at the box to see what I have--I used to always buy black--?)-and one for brushes. One drawer is for misc --odds and ends I've picked up that I plan to do something with. The bottom drawer is for unfinished projects --if I haven't touched it in 2 weeks it goes in the drawer and when the drawer gets full--I have to either finish something or throw things out.

smilekisses said...

I bought an over-the-door shoe organizer. Great purchase! I can put 26 pairs of shoes in it and they are not all over my floors now.

MaMa said...

I feel your pain! Costco often has free wooden wine crates that you can take home. I've gotten a couple of these & store my sewing & quilting magazines & books. I use smaller wooden boxes & weaved baskets to store fabric & fat quarters. I also use an old printers block for threads & bobbins & anything else that fits.
Thanks for hosting & have a great day.

MaMa said...

I follow your blog...:-)

Valeen said...

I love to organize in clear plastic bins. That way I can kind of still see what's in them. I also love using fishing tackle boxes for my smaller things. It has lots of great little compartments and makes everything portable!

sweepyhead at gmail dot com

Sharon said...

One tip that has help me get organized is I open my mail near my trash can and recycle box and put the necessary piece where they need to go. Thanks for the giveaway


bev said...

I like to use baskets for organizing different items. They hold lots of things and I think they are decorative. Thanks for having the contest!

demmi said...

my organizing tip is to use clear container so you can see what is in them with ripping everything out

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