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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello Strangers

Long time no Blog! I have been going to school and have had visitors for the last couple of weeks. Whew I am tired. I am almost finished with my submission to Create and Decorate. Look for it in Dec 08'. It is a cool magazine for those of your artsy crafty folks. It is a great learning device of many types of crafts. Sewing painting and many many more. Check out there website. WWW.Createanddecorate.com. I wish I could post pics of the submission but no no that's not allowed.

Well let's see when my visitors came we went all over Southern California. We saw the Queen Mary, Venice Beach, Olde Town San Diego....We went all over the place. Holy Cow. I had to take a vacation from my vacation. LOL! Venice Beach was different I must say. Quite interesting certainly things you don't see in the Midwest.

Alas School! I have started going to school. It is an at home program which is good it allows me to do the things I love and well some of the things that I don't. I am trying to get organized and schedule my time to where I can paint more and do school as well. It is hard to get organized. Maybe I should say motivated...to get organized. Well thanks for stopping in to hear my goings on.


Diane MacNaughtan said...

Hi Linda, Great blog! I am a gourd artist as well. I use clays and sculpt on mine. I'll be looking forward to the magazine :)

Have a great day!


DaizyDonna said...

Hiya Linda, Glad to see ya in OPSG :) Had to come check out your blog, hehehe Nosey me!! LOL And what did i see? Olde Town san diego? Aww I love it there, Its changed so much over the years, But always neat to see :) Love the restraunts and the margaritas :)
HUgs sweetie,

Lisa of Brush Strokes 'n Stitches said...

I have wanted to get in touch with you for sometime. I could never find a way to contact you other than making a comment on your blog. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I check in on your blog when I get a chance and I love it. You do wonderful work. I have nominateed you for a prim excellence award. Just come to my blog and snag the award to post it on your blog.
Prim Hugs!
Brush Strokes 'n Stitches

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