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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday tip!

Good morning to all! The weather is nice kinda chilly but I am not complaining. I thought I would sit down and give a little tip on painting. I am not quite sure if anyone ever uses watercolor pencils but I do. I love them. There a great way to draw your pattern onto your project. After you have drawn what you want to paint then you can go ahead and paint. Once you are finished painting your project if there are any left over markings they just wipe off with a damp cloth. I also love this because it's much easier to erase watercolor pencil if you make a mistake when your making your pattern onto your project. For example if you just don't like the whole thing whaula it wipes off with a damp cloth. I also like watercolor pencils because there are different colors. I have found not to use the dark pencil with light paints because it shows through and it takes too many coats to cover it. Try this out see how you like it.
Motivational tips....hmmmm Sunshine, birds chirping and a glass of sweet Texas iced tea! Enjoy! If you wanna know my secret to sweet Texas tea I'll give it to ya! I turn on the faucet let the water get hot hot hot put 4 family sized tea bags in the hot water let sit for an hour then I put a cup and a half of sugar! (to a gallon of tea) MMMM it's best after sitting in the frig over night....Now that you have your recipe for motivation let's get painting! Have a wonderful day!

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Tina said...

When I discovered this, it made my muraling jobs so much easier. Watercolor pencils are a must!
Great tip.

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