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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is it slackin? Or is it too many irons in the fire....

I know I haven't posted in a looooong time. I am running around with like a chicken with, well you know. I have been painting and sending stuff to the store in Temecula. It seems to be doing well. I seem to always be in a hurry so I didn't get any pics of what I painted which stinks because they were old small pie tins. I will paint another and post a pic. I think I will do an e-pattern on here what do you think?
This has been a busy time sense the beginning of November. The Marine Corp Birthday Ball, Happy belated birthday Marines. I'll post some pics of that as well. Then good ole Thanksgiving came along. I didn't get to tell all Happy Turkey Day. Now we're getting ready for Christmas. This is my favorite time of year beginning in the Fall but this year was just wow busy. I am thinking about listing on Etsy in the beginning of the year and hitting it hard and heavy. I am going to put all my energy in painting. I will be finished with school by then and I will have at least 1 iron out of the fire. What a load to be lifted. Once I finish I have discovered you need 2 - 5 years experience to get a job...Now, how are you supposed to get experience if no,one will hire you? Who knows but I am going to finish no matter what. Then paint...should of went to school for that instead lol. Well I am going to dig up some pics of the ball and that cute little bugger that joined us in August. That's momma and Carter. Then the Man in uniform is my hubby and me...

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