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Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday! Monday!

Good afternoon friends and the curious. I had to work this morning at my other "JOB". So no fun stuff this morning but I am home now and it's off to the paint room. I am going to be working on some hang tags for an order that I have received. They chose Winter (my favorite snowmen) and Valentines. I am excited. So I will get those started and take pics for you guys. The first thing that I do to them is antique them with my coffee, vanilla and cinnamon mix. I boil coffee grounds vanilla and cinnamon on top of the stove then I start the dipping process. After they have set in the mix for a bit, I take them out and place them on a cookie sheet and place them in the oven at the lowest temp. Two hundred is a good one. Make sure to keep an eye on them because they can burn and well then now you have a new not so pleasant odor for them. lol. I know because I have done this. Trial and error is my motto. Then after they are dried I begin painting. I will float the edges to make them look even older. The color depends on the inner design. So I am going to get busy I think I will do the Valentines first. I am so ready to be warm and not think about snow...or cold...Not that I'm seeing snow here in Southern California it's beautiful here today, maybe that's why I don't want to work on snowmen...hehe...Love is in the air...Well have a wonderful day!


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