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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winter Blues

Good day to all...I thought I would put some jumpy music on here to brighten up everyones day. I am fortunate enough to have Sunshine and Blue skies! But I know my fellow Northeasterners and others are having the winter blahs...So here's some fun music to brighten up everyones day. I know I've been absent from the blog world, but I have been painting. I painted a gourd for DecoArt and submitted it for there website. I haven't heard back yet to see if it has been accepted so cross your fingers. If it's not I will post a pic of it for all to see. It is too cute. Can I say that even if it is my own creation? hehe...My daughter even liked it and for a teenager thats quite a compliment I must say. Most of the time she just says "ah that's nice". But not this time. The hearts and minds of teenagers if we can win them over we have found a way to conquer the world. I have also painted some springy shabby chic coasters. I am going to try and get them into a magazine as well so no pics at this time...But I will be painting some other items that I will be posting pics of. I have finally gotten back into the groove of painting. Funny how that works because of course now I have a job. So time is limited on painting. Hmmmm if I could of just gotten back into the groove before I got a job then I wouldn't of had to of gotten a job. Lifes funny mysteries. Just a couple more months and my lovey will be home. I can't wait, once again my teenager never seems to stop surprising me, she can't wait for him to get home either. (She must really be bored}. Well that's an update of what's going on here. Times a ticking so maybe I should head to the infamous paint room....Good day to all!

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Mya said...

Hey Linda! OMG! You are so talented girl! Your work is awesome! I'm not to crafty and I surely can't paint! But I do like to quilt! I do have some questions on other things I have seen at craft shows but I will have to send you the picture of the shirt I bought! I''d like to make more.

I have been blogging much longer than I have done Myspace or Facebook! I started my blog back when we started the adoption process. It gave me something to do while we waited and to document our journey! And now it's just a way to keep family and friends updated who live out of state!
Talk ta ya soon! Gotta get my butt moving!

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