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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday afternoon breezes!

Today is a cool, comfortable, sunny day in Southern California. There is a gentle breeze flowing through the house moving the curtains. The windchimes are chiming along with the birds chirping. These are some of my favorite days. I have put a hammock up on the back patio so if I get the chance to just relax and do nothing I can just hop into it. I am so inspired by these beautiful days. I have been diligently working in my paint room with new and exciting products. I am doing a show next weekend and hoping to sell out...I have been working on submissions for next year. I am thouroughly motivated and can't seem to sit down to relax. Oh wait maybe that's what I'm doing when I am painting. Hehe! The website at www.oldprimitivesisters.com has been upgraded and I am looking forward to adding new product to the sight. It will most be likely be after my show next weekend. I will keep you posted. I have some really cute things I want to get on there. I will be posting pics today of what I am working on and what to look for on my website. I will create a link directly to the site in the side bar. Looking forward to all possibilities this year. I am full of joy. Thanks for looking in on me. Oh yea April 21, 2009 the next issue comes out for Create and Decorate, look for me between the pages....

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Tina said...

How interesting. I've thought about submitting to magazines many times, but I chicken out. I'm my worst critic. Every artist is, I guess. It's nice getting to know you.

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