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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Room With a View

Being the creative spirit that I am,  a cozy, uncluttered space is the ideal place to create.  When I think of cozy I think of colors that warm the soul and give warmth to my heart.  Colors like yellows, butter creams, deep burgundies, golds, warm greens, and  plantation pines.  Earthy tones bring comfort to my soul.  Maybe that yearning for warmth and comfort stems from the bitter cold, that lurks outside and the dark gray that looms above, because when the sun rolls from behind the clouds the color palette  in my mind seems to change.   So if I could convert my studio to a room with a view I would have it neutral.  The winter months release  heartwarming, encouraging strokes of comfort.  Once the cold has passed and I get to hear the song birds twittering outside my studio window I long for bright yellows, greens and pastel pinks and blues.  A sign of new birth to the beautiful palette outside.    My room with a view would be interchangeable to suit the needs of my creative mind and the surroundings outside.  I would paint my walls a buttery cream with white trim, have a table based with enchanted chalky paint enveloped in lace chalky paint , lightly sanded to allow the enchanted to peek through for the warmth in the winter but the lace for the spring.  I would hang delicate buttery yellow window coverings from floor to ceiling.  For when the spring comes they can blow in the breeze and let the warm sun crest upon the floor.  My room with a view would be filled with primitive cabinetry to place all of my creative tools, brushes, paints, surfaces and sealants to maintain the unclutteredness that holts the creativity.  I would have chalky lace painted cubbies to contain my finished product and it would be alphabetized so I would have effortless shipping.  This would be my room with a view, a view from my eyes for creating.    

I have inspired myself to take the brush to the blank empty walls of stale white and add that buttery cream to them.  I think my winter months may be filled with creating "My Room for My View".  I hope I have inspired you use your creative side and envelop yourself with a place for comfort and creativity.

This is how the studio is now.  But I foresee some serious change taking place in the next couple of months.  

 This is one of my paint areas, but soon this will all change.  I need organization. 

 The lace colored chalk paint that will be on my table from Deco Art Inc. 

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