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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Random Writing

What makes people think…or tic.  How do we control our emotions towards other peoples lack of compassion.  Wrap others in love protect them hold them close for this is a short time on earth and though we make many mistakes they too are like sands through the hour glass,  they pass.  They become distant memories until something else comes up to spark a feud.

 Childhood memories are lost in the shadows of the present time.  A little foggy but I remember some good times.   I remember my little animal farm that I so long to have now but  fear of history repeating itself I keep the farm to a few cats.  No I am not the crazy cat lady, they were strays.  My heart tends to lean towards the strays and down trodden.  It’s a soft spot in my heart.  I also love old people because they are full of knowledge if someone would just take the time to sit a spell and hear their stories.  I learn so much from the older generation.  Maybe its because they do not lack experience.  I always dig back to the stories from them and their pasts good and bad.  It gives me the sense that I'll get through whatever this life has to throw at me.  I'm not a people person per say but when I find a friend a real friend I hold them close because they are so few and far between.  It is hard to be compatible with others with so many different personalities and ideas in this world.  Maybe I'm just too guarded.  But when you find that true friend it is a great feeling.  Trust is a wonderful thing.  Knowing you can share your most intimate thoughts or fears and they will not judge you.  I guess one of the other reasons I tend to befriend the older generation. They are less judgmental and more encouraging than folks in my age group.  No I am not going to tell you my age group. 

Creative thoughts run rampant through my mind.  I get an idea just before my eyes close when I rest my head on the pillow and I ALWAYS say don't forget this it is a good idea.  I have put a journal next to the bed and drew pictures, later to find them and wonder what the heck I was thinking of creating from that.  My mind is so busy sometimes I can't stand it, and others it is a total block.  I paint its what I do and I think I paint because it is more forgiving than a pencil and paper.  When I paint I know if I make a mistake I can correct it in some form or fashion and shade in the mistakes.  Unlike life it is not so forgiving .  But tomorrow is a new day to paint a better day and leave yesterdays mistakes in the past, learn from them but know they do not dictate who you are because you can change.  These are obviously just random thoughts that I am letting flow out on the page.  I am learning to write and blog and in the process I am learning about some of who I am and whom I want to become.  A better writer and a better person on the inside as well as the outside.  Time teaches us many things and shows us how to love others with a broader perspective and bigger heart. 

Just remember in every day that you are blessed and  with each new day is a gift.  Do not squander your gifts and love yourself for who you are and if you don't like what you see when you look in the mirror remember you are the artist of your destiny, not someone else.  So do not let someone define who you are because you are an individual with unique characteristics given to you so use them for the greater good. 

I had no idea that a 20 minute exercise on writing freely would create such an array of emotions of just laying it all out there.  This exercise has given me a new avenue to express myself and the things that I love or do not love either way I am learning something.  Always keep learning its food for the mind.  Read, read, read it is a window to other ideas and emotions that are buried deep down inside.    With all this hubbub that has been displayed on my notes maybe I will be able to go back and focus on one at the time.  Like my little farm…someday I will have a little mini farm.  With a couple of goats, some chickens and a plentiful garden filled with not only vegetables but flowers and herbs to fill the home with the smells of the earth and my kitchen with cups full of love. 


The link that sparked all of this jibber jabber is http://dailypost.wordpress.com/postaday/ebook-writing-101/.  Maybe you can open up your creative writing inside and let it spill upon the pages.  Maybe for the world to see and maybe not but it is definitely a way to release your thoughts. 

I am sure there are some whom will criticize my punctuation and running on of sentences, but this was an exercise and it was meant to share or not to share.  I chose to share. 
I also want to say Happy Veteran's Day to all the veterans past, present and future.  Thank you for your service and the ability to express my freedoms.  God bless you all and again Thank You!


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